Fall 2020 - Distance Learning

We know that our students learn best when they can learn in real-time, so this fall’s distance learning instruction is designed to provide live or synchronous instruction daily. Of course, we realize that this may not be possible for some students in challenging or unusual circumstances, so lessons will be recorded and posted for asynchronous access later on. We are using Google Suite for Education as our teaching and learning platform, and you can expect that this will be consistent for all high school classes.

Students will be expected to attend distance learning classes daily. Teachers will be taking attendance in Skyward. Students who cannot participate in a live class will work with their teachers on a case-by-case basis to utilize the asynchronous option. They will remain accountable to their teachers and must access the lesson within 24 hours to be considered in attendance.

Student Distance Learning Guideline Printable

First page of the Secondary Distance Learning Guidelines PDF on Google Drive

Block Scheduling

Traditionally, our school has followed an eight period day. In a distance learning environment, expecting our students to sit through eight consecutive hours of screen time is unrealistic and doesn’t allow our teachers and students to get to substantive teaching and learning. So we’ve changed our schedule. We will run an A/B day alternating schedule with a four period block of 84 minute classes each day. It is important to note that with this new schedule we’ve also adjusted our start and end times.                                 

Students will begin their day at 8:25 AM and their school day will conclude at 3:13 PM The District will implement a later Distance Learning (DL) start time for secondary students of 8:25 AM - 3:13 PM, with a 50-minute lunch period. A later start time while in DL will offer benefits for our students. Given current transportation scenarios, we will not be able to continue a later start time if the District goes to full in-person learning, and we will resume our 7:40 AM and 3:03 PM start/end times at that point.   

How can I stay connected during Distance Learning and who can I go to for help?

Mayo plans to continue to communicate with families via Skyward, and provide information and updates when available. Do not hesitate to reach out to our staff for questions or resources to help support your family. 

Mayo staff will be available to you during school hours from 7:30 AM to 3:15 PM. It is hard to predict what the call volume will be, but we will make every effort to answer each call and maintain a high quality of student support. 

Contact Information

Admin support

Troy Prigge
Contact: (507) 328-5463 | Email

Carrie Ekert
Contact: (507) 328-5494 | Email

Todd Pierson
Contact: (507) 328-5451 | Email

Ryan Bacon
Contact: (507) 328-5452 | Email

Office Manager

Tom Brown
Contact: (507) 328-5501 | Email

Frequently Used Phone Numbers:
  • Activities Office: (507) 328-5560
  • Attendance Office: (507) 328-5454
  • Automated Attendance Line: (507) 328-5510
  • Guidance Office: (507) 328-5570
  • Main Office: (507) 328-5501
  • Nurses Office: (507) 328-5459
  • Principal's Office: (507) 328-5577

Student Support

Students who need access to a School Counselor or Social Worker during distance learning can do so during school hours (8:00-3:15). 

Counselor Support
  • Casie Nauman - Contact: (507) 328-5499 | Email
  • Sara Jo Klubertanz - Contact: (507) 328-5497 | Email
  • Jamie Matson - Contact: (507) 328-5498 | Email
  • Melissa Berg - Contact: (507) 328-5613 | Email
  • Alex Higano - Contact: (507) 328-5496 | Email
Social Work Support
  • Juan Vasquez - Contact: (507) 328-5450 | Email
  • Bonnie Moeckly - Contact: (507) 328-5339 | Email
Student Resiliency Specialist 
  • Amanda Burget - Contact: (507) 328-5500 | Email

Mayo High School
Resource Line: (507) 328-5502

Student and Family Resource Lines serve as your connection to student supports at your school. Just like you may call or stop by the counselor or social worker’s office, we encourage you to use the Resource Line during this time of distance learning. If you are worried about how your child is doing emotionally or need help accessing community services, we are here to support you.

Looking for support during distance learning?

Please use this form to let you know about resources or support that you might need during Distance Learning.

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