School Profile

The Rochester Public Schools enroll approximately 18,100 students in seventeen elementary schools, four middle schools, three senior high schools, ALC’s and early childhood programs. Our student body models the growing diversity of the city. We are the third most diverse district in the state.

Mayo High School is a four-year comprehensive public high school. It opened in 1966 in a circular building on a 55-acre campus. Enrollment at Mayo High School is approximately 1,730 students with about 391 seniors. 

Mayo High School maintains a curriculum designed to meet the needs of its diverse student body. Advanced Placement courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language are offered. Honors and Honors Options courses are offered by most departments. Other programs available are the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and Tech Prep offerings. 

Mayo High School has a complete media center for staff and students; several computer labs, a foreign language multi-media lab, a TV studio, and a planetarium. In addition, resource centers for various subject areas are in operation. 

A comprehensive coordinated extra-curricular program is available for all Mayo students. Offerings include 26 varsity sports teams, intramural programs, a peer helping network, a drama club, other clubs ranging from language clubs to science/environmental clubs, debate team and music groups. Student government, school service organizations and diversity 

Accredited by: State of Minnesota 

Affiliated with: National Honor Society 

  • Member National Association of College Admission Counselors 
  • Member American School Counselors Association 
  • Member College Entrance Examination Board 

Superintendent: Mr. Michael Muñoz 


  • Troy Prigge, Principal 
  • Travis Bain, Assistant Principal 
  • Carrie Ekert Haakenson, Assistant Principal 
  • Ryan Bacon,                  Associate Principal 
  • Jeff Whitney, Athletics/Activities Coordinator 

Guidance Department Staff - (507) 328-5570 

  • Melissa Berg,                    Counselor 
  • Alexander Higano, Counselor 
  • Sara Jo Klubertanz,  Counselor 
  • Casie Nauman,                            Director