MHS Code of Conduct

Jacket Rule

Prior to the start of Period 1, a student may wear their coat or jacket to their locker. After 7:40 AM, students are expected to remove their coats or jackets upon entering the building and carry it to their lockers for storage.

When leaving the building after Period 7, a student may put their coat or jacket on at the locker; otherwise students are expected to carry their coats or jackets from their locker to the door where they plan to exit. Upon reaching the door, they may once again wear their coats or jackets.

Hat Rule

No hats, caps, or headwear are to be worn during the instructional time of the school day.

Narcotics and Alcohol Rule

Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages, and Drugs: Use of nonprescription drugs by minors is wrongful and harmful. No student shall knowing possess, handle, use, transport, or be under the influence of any controlled substance; narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage, intoxicant of any kind, or any substance represented as the aforesaid; on the school property at any school activity, function or event. Prohibited conduct includes handling, transporting, or having on the student's person, in the locker or vehicle any substance described above. Violation will result in student suspension and/or and expulsion proceeding.

Tobacco Rule

The school district smoke free policy states: "Effective Sept. 1, 1987, smoking and the use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on school district property. This shall include school district buildings, grounds, and school-owned vehicles."

The possession, display or use of tobacco by Mayo students in any school building, on school property, within a school zone (defined by MN statute 152.01 as " a distance of 300 feet or one city block, whichever is greater, beyond the school property"), or on school district property or at a school activity is prohibited.

Weapons, Explosives, and other Dangerous Devices

No student shall knowingly possess, handle, or transport any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon. This includes on the school property or off the school property at any school activity, function, or event. Prohibited conduct includes handling, transporting or having on the student's person, in the locker, or vehicle of the student any object that can be reasonably considered a weapon.

A violation of this rule will result in:

  1. Implementation of the Building Discipline Plan;
  2. Immediate suspension from school of a student who commits a weapons infraction.
  3. Immediate initiation of school expulsion process.

Closed Campus Rule

Mayo High School maintains a closed campus. Seniors and Juniors are eligible for open campus. Eligible students who choose to leave school assume total responsibility and liability for themselves. Any student who does not return to class on time will be considered tardy or unexcused.

No student is allowed to leave the building or campus during their scheduled class periods without permission from the Health Office or Administration.